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Hi! I'm Morgan. Here are a few random facts about myself to break the ice:

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I'm a big game, film and book geek. 

I watch The Hunger Games films all the time. They're my editing/admin muse and huge guilty pleasure. I can go through the whole series twice in a week. 

I love lists. Like, really love lists. 

I actually graduated from university with a first class degree in Computer Science. I decided after graduation that I wanted to pursue my work in newborn photography instead. 


I am a huge advocate for newborn safety.

Sadly, the newborn photography industry is unregulated. This means you don't need to be trained, insured or qualified in anyway to handle, pose and photograph your tiny babies. It means anyone can attempt to copy those curly newborn poses and swaddles they see on Pinterest, without knowing which should be performed as a composite and which wraps aren't safe for little toes and little fingers. 

Newborn safety is my absolute priority and is always at the forefront of my mind. Your baby's safety and happiness is my number one priority during a session. 

I have everything you'll need for every session, right here in the studio. 

Oh, I do. My client wardrobe is my favourite part of my studio. For your maternity sessions, I have a choice of gorgeous gowns, drapes and outfits. When you bring along your newborn, I have rows and rows of soft wraps, tiny outfits, little hats and so many delicate hairbands. Plus, bring your newborn back for their free Little Sitter session and you'll be able to take advantage of all the adorable little rompers I have!

I live and breath my work.

This isn't always the best news for me (when do you finish work for the evening when you love what you do so much!?), but for you, it's perfect. I'm lucky enough to do what I absolutely love for a living and I believe that shows in my work. My attention to detail can seem odd at the time but the tiniest details makes a massive difference in your final images. 

Choosing a photographer that is right for you is so important - especially one who you're trusting with your new baby. To find out if I'm the perfect match for your family, check out more information about the sessions I provide below:



Children and Family

I can't wait to create something magical for you.


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