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Getting To Know: Massage 2 Mummy East Yorkshire

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Another day, another amazing local business!

Today, I'd love to share with you Massage 2 Mummy: East Yorkshire, and we have the lovely Emma and Chris here to tell us a little bit about what they do! If you're struggling with the aches and pains that come hand in hand with pregnancy, but you don't fancy travelling (or you just can't be bothered!), then this is for you.

Prenatal massage in the comfort of your own home... sounds pretty perfect to me.


Hi! Please tell us about yourself.

Hello, Emma and Chris here. We are brand new parents to our little boy Hugo. Before we had our son, we enjoyed looking at all businesses and always knew we would venture into another path that we were passionate about. When I was pregnant, I felt so exhausted and struggled to balance being so busy at work, looking after the home and also looking after myself - this is the reason behind us starting out in mobile pregnancy massage. 

Tell us a little bit about Massage 2 Mummy.

Massage 2 Mummy is a franchise business and is solely focused on pregnancy massage. Going into this, I knew I wanted to not only run the diary but actually complete the massage myself. We currently have 2 fully trained therapists running separate areas, as well as myself training.

As part of our franchise, we look after the Humberside area and are looking to expand further. Our main goal is to make our pregnant ladies feel as relaxed as possible, taking out the factor of travel and, with pregnancy massage proven to help ladies suffering with anxiety and depression, it makes this even more important to me as I also felt this way during my pregnancy. When pregnant, we spend so much time focusing on what we eat and how our baby is developing, why not focus on our bodies and preparing us for birth. 

What does an average day look like for you?

An average day for us can start at 8am. Our massages last around 60 minutes or 90 minutes, depending on the package chosen, with a 10 minute consultation beforehand. We usually leave an hour gap between to travel to our next appointments and we also do work evenings and weekends so we're very flexible - we understand working and appointments in pregnancy can make it difficult. This experience is about keeping it simple. 

How did you get into your role and do you dream of being anything else?

Our dream is to expand to more areas and make sure we deliver a great service! I can relate to so many women - I have already spoke to women who have complications in pregnancy or just general aches and pains. For me, I found pregnancy massage is offered in salons or you can visit a spa, but if I had been offered a mobile service that would of been perfect.

What questions do you get asked the most?

The 3 questions I get asked the most are:

Is massage safe for the baby? Yes it is safe - a happy mummy is a happy baby. 

Pricing? We offer packages based on how long the massage is and pricing starts around £55.00. 

Are we trained? Yes, all of our therapists are fully trained and also additionally trained with us to make sure you are in safe hands at this important time. 

Where can we find you online?


Specialist Newborn and Baby Photographer, Hull, East Yorkshire

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