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Tiny Baby Details | Newborn Photography, Hull

The little fingers and tiny toes, the cheeks, the lips, the nose, that little quiff of hair that always sticks upright, milk spots, flaky skin, spit bubbles, fluffy shoulders, pointy finger nails.

These details are all so special: so tiny but change so quickly.

This is why I love what I do. I capture a brief moment in time.

Before you know it, your once tiny newborn has already doubled in size. The milk spots start to fade, the chubby baby cheeks start to disappear. That's why when you come along for your newborn session, a big part of my job is to capture as many of these gorgeous, unique, tiny details as I can.

Here's a gorgeous little selection of some simple newborn portraits from baby Lincoln's session. I love adding this simple white set-up into my newborn sessions, as it's the perfect way for me to focus on capturing those little details - no distractions.


Specialist Newborn and Baby Photographer, Hull, East Yorkshire

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