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What If My Baby Won't Sleep? - Baby Photographer, Hull

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

When new mums and dads turn up for their newborn session, there's one thing that's often on their minds - what if my baby won't sleep?

After all, you've seen nothing but sleepy, snug, curled up little newborns all over social media and your favourite photographer's website. It's been only a few days since you finally got to meet your little one, and you already can't believe that your photographer is going to get this curious, milk and poo machine into those poses, fast asleep.

With lots of soothing tips and tricks up my sleeve (some which may even be new to you), far more often than not, I win. That's part of the job - baby whisperer. I've found that most of the time, unless something is bothering baby (tummy troubles, feeding problems), no matter how much their curious eyes will wander around my cosy, warm studio, they all give in to sleep in the end.

To get those tiny curled up poses where baby is fast asleep, we don't even need baby to be asleep throughout your whole session. In fact, it's an absolute pleasure when your little one opens up their eyes and says hello. There's plenty we can do with an awake baby... and the results are just as beautiful.

All babies are different. Some sleep all the way through, some sleep lots and some sleep a little but I've not yet had a little one that I can't soothe. Part of the job is getting to know them and figuring out what works for your baby - they're all individuals.

And if all else fails, they all love a mummy cuddle.


Thinking about booking a newborn session with The Rose Quartz Photography but still have a few questions? I'm here to answer any questions you may have - no matter how simple or how silly.

Specialist Newborn and Baby Photographer, Hull, East Yorkshire

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