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Newborn Session FAQs Answered - Newborn Photography, Hull and East Yorkshire

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Have you been thinking about booking a newborn session with The Rose Quartz Photography but you still have a few questions? Or maybe you already have one booked, and you'd just like to have a read through some more information?

Well, I hope this helps! Here are some of my most frequently asked questions:

When should I book a newborn session?

It's best to book your newborn session whilst you're still pregnant to guarantee my availability - around your 20 week scan is ideal. ​I will always try and fit in last minute bookings, but as I book in due dates months in advance, it's not always possible.

Why do I need to book in advance?

We never know when baby will arrive for sure, so I limit the number of newborns I book per month. This means we can schedule a session date no matter when they arrive.

Can I still book in if baby is already here?

Yes, absolutely! I will try my absolute hardest to fit you in right away. Booking in advance just means you don't have to worry about this at all!

How does booking work? Secure your place in my diary with your estimated due date and a £50 booking fee. Then, whenever baby arrives, we'll schedule a session date that works for us all.

At what age do newborn sessions take place?

The ideal age for a newborn session is between 5 and 14 days old. For babies with prolonged hospital stays, a later date can be arranged. 

What if baby arrives earlier or later than expected?

As I only book a limited number of newborn sessions per month, we have the freedom to arrange a session date once your little one is here, no matter when they arrive.

How long will a newborn session take? Most of my newborn sessions take up to 4 hours. Whilst I understand you're eager to get back to the comfort of your own home, it is simply dependant on how baby is feeling. Ensuring they are happy, comfortable and safe is my first priority. I only book one newborn session per day, which means there's no rush and we can simply allow baby to take the lead - they're the boss!

What if my baby doesn't sleep?

I've found that most of the time, unless something is bothering baby (tummy troubles, feeding problems), no matter how much their curious eyes will wander around my cosy, warm studio, they all give in to sleep in the end. I have plenty of tips and tricks to help them settle into a deep sleep... and in the meantime, I can capture some beautiful awake shots too!

Is it safe?

Yes. Your baby's temperature, circulation, comfort and safety is constantly monitored and comes before everything else. I would never sacrifice your baby's safety for even one second to capture "the perfect shot".

I'm worried that my baby will poo on you. Does it happen?

All. The. Time. Do not worry - baby poo, wee and spit up are all part of the job.

Do you travel to my home for the newborn session? No. I cannot travel to your home due to the large amount of lighting equipment, posing aids, backdrop systems, props and the many blankets, wraps and accessories that will be used during a session. 

What should my baby wear?

For travelling to the studio, bring your baby in something comfortable and easy to remove, and don't put socks on them (as they can leave little marks that show in photographs). Everything for the session itself is already included - I have lots of soft wraps and adorable outfits for use on the day.

What should I wear?

For parent photographs, I always suggest simple clothing with no bright colours and no large logos or patterns. White tops, dresses or shirts is always a very classic option.

Can I/or my eldest child have photographs with my baby?  Absolutely! Parent and sibling photographs are included with all newborn packages as standard. 

My baby has jaundice/blotchy, red skin/acne/flaky skin. Is this a problem?

Absolutely not. Once you leave the studio, the editing process begins and I work hard to soften redness and jaundice, remove cuts, scratches and bruises and lessen the appearance of flakes. I love the rawness of flaky baby hands and feet too, so don't be surprised if your gallery has the odd black and white capture of your baby's fresh hands and feet.


If there's anything I've missed, please get in touch! No question is too small or too silly.

Specialist Newborn and Baby Photographer, Hull, East Yorkshire

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