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What Are Digital Backdrops? - Newborn Baby Photos, Hull

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Have you seen those beautiful floral arrangements in some of my newborn baby photographs? Ever wondered how I've photographed a little baby in a woolly heart? Or how I photograph little ones on beautiful watercolour illustrations?

That's what digital backdrops are for!

They're the perfect way of adding a little more variety or one of your favourite colours in to your newborn gallery whilst keeping baby comfortable, and not moving them around too much. How? Because they're simply photographed on one cosy, curly layer and digitally edited into the backdrop afterwards.

So how do I do it? During the first half of your newborn session, you'll see me pull out my favourite curly layer and proceed to get your little one all snug and cosy inside - sometimes they're wrapped up and sometimes I'll put them in a little outfit.

Not only can this simple "prop" create a number of beautiful timeless portraits and detailed close-ups, but this is the base image I will use to create your digital art work.

Sometimes I have special colour requests, sometimes mums ask for a digital backdrop I've used in the past and sometimes I'll choose your digital backdrops based on what we chat about during your session.

My collection of digital backdrops and digital artwork is ever growing, and I'm always happy to take requests of colours, flowers or illustrations that I don't yet have in my collection. Does your little one's nursery have a jungle theme? Do you and your partner love rocket ships and outer space? Obsessed with sunflowers? Let me know!

I am so proud to offer these beautiful pieces to my clients. If a pop of colour, an extra personal touch or lots of beautiful greenery is something you'd like adding to your timeless newborn gallery, don't forget to book your newborn session in advance!


Specialist Newborn and Baby Photographer, Hull, East Yorkshire

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