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What's So Cute About Little Sitters?

Included in all newborn sessions at The Rose Quartz Photography is a Little Sitter session - a milestone session to capture some updated portraits once your little one is safely sitting on their own.

I rave about these sessions all the time because I love them. It absolutely makes my day to see my little newborns come back to the studio - seeing how much they've grown and changed, seeing their little developing personalities blossom. Why do you think I include a free session in my newborn packages?! I love seeing all my tiny newborns grow up.

So really, what makes these Little Sitter sessions so perfect?

1) Short and sweet:

Unlike newborn sessions, which take a few hours to safely pose and keep your newborn comfortable, Little Sitter sessions typically last around 45 minutes. The perfect amount of time - not too long that baby becomes bored, long enough that we can capture lots of variety.

2) Lots of sitting, smiling and giggling:

Little Sitter sessions are booked in after your baby is sitting up, but before they are crawling. This means the whole session is based around your little one showing off how well they can sit up on their own, plus lots of fake sneezes, peek-a-boo, songs, clapping and silly noises to keep those smiles coming. My face aches from smiling after Little Sitter sessions. They're adorable.

3) A developing personality:

This stage of your baby's development is so short. So short, but so full of new little changes that you really want to remember for ever. All babies have their own little quirks, and I love to see their personalities shine throughout the session. Blowing raspberries, that scrunched up nose, grabbing their toes, clapping their hands, maybe that new big smile with one or two little baby teeth peeking out.

4) Before and after:

One of my favourite things about Little Sitter sessions, after the absolute mountain of cute smiles I capture, is being able to use the same colours, fabrics, headbands and props used in their newborn sessions. We can see how much they've really grown and nothing shows it more than a good before and after.


If you've had your newborn session with The Rose Quartz Photography and your baby is now sitting up, get in touch! We'll get you booked back in.

If you haven't been before, you can still book your own Little Sitter session. Find out more here.

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